Promoting both security and mobility within the EU Border control is a major challenge for member states border control authorities. Travellers request a minimum delay and a convenient, non-intrusive border crossing, while border guards must fulfil their obligation to secure the EUs borders against illegal immigration, terrorisms, crime and other threats.

The MobilePass development process addresses both requirements with equal emphasis, keep security at the highest level while increasing the speed and the comfort for all legitimate travellers at land border crossing points. Aspects of a fast border crossing by legitimate travellers are

  1. a reliable and convenient capture of biometric and passport data
  2. dependable, secure wireless data transfer,
  3. and a modular mobile equipment optimized to the border control workflow.

Improved traveller identification technologies, such as contactless fingerprint capture and advanced mobile facial capture will increase the security, minimise spoofing and evasion, while making the control less cumbersome for passengers. A system evaluation and demonstration will be done in two different member states. Compliance with European societal values and citizens’ rights is central to the acceptance of the developed technologies, and will accompany the development throughout the project.


Technical Objectives of the project:

MobilePass will develop technological advanced mobile equipment for border control authorities. The MobilePass approach will be advanced in technology beyond state-of-the-art in:

  • contactless fingerprint scanning
  • communication reliability, security and speed
  • full-page e-Passport scanning (optical variable devices)
  • cooperative and fast face capturing and verification

The consortium will develop electronics and algorithms embedded in a trusted platform module with secure boot mechanisms and remote attestation capabilities.


Data Protection within the project:

A major importance is given to privacy and Data Protection concerns within MobilePass. All the research work is compliant with the national and european confidentiality requirements. Learn more about this here.